Abbreviation Title
300S The Top 300 Contemporary Christian Songs
AAHH African American Heritage Hymnal
AMEH African Methodist Episcopal Church Hymnal
BCP Book of Common Prayer (Episcopal)
CC Come Celebrate!
Cel The Celebration Hymnal
CH Chalice Hymnal--Worship Leader's Companion
CP Common Praise
Cry Cry Hosanna!
ELCA Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
ELW Evangelical Lutheran Worship
G&P Glory and Praise, 2nd edition
GC Gather Comprehensive
GC2 Gather Comprehensive, 2nd edition
H82 The Hymnal 1982
HFG Hymns for the Family of God
HG Hymns for the Gospels
HGSP Hymns of Glory, Songs of Praise
IM## Integrity Hosanna! Music Songbook #
IR ICEL Resource Collection
LBW Lutheran Book of Worship
LEVASII Lift Every Voice and Sing II
M3 Maranatha! Music Praise Chorus Book, 3rd edition--Red
MCB Master Chorus Book
MHSO My Heart Sings Out
MSPW More Songs for Praise and Worship
MSPW2 More Songs for Praise and Worship vol 2
NCH The New Century Hymnal
NS2 New Songs, second edition
PCB Praise Chorus Book
PH The Presbyterian Hymnal--Hymns, Psalms, and Spiritual Songs
R Renew! 
RCL Revised Common Lectionary
S&S Spirit and Song
S&S2 Spirit and Song 2
SCIV Songs for Celebration, Church Hymnal Series IV  
SD# Song Discovery # = issue number 
SOZ Songs of Zion
TEC The Episcopal Church
TFWS The Faith We Sing
UMH The United Methodist Hymnal
V# Worship Songs of the Vineyard, vol #
VF Voices Found
W&R Worship and Rejoice
W3 Worship, 3rd ed--A Hymnal and Service Book for Roman Catholics
WLP Wonder, Love, and Praise
WOV With One Voice