Major Feast Days

Throughout the year there are feast days for the major saints or events in the life of Jesus or the Church.  The divisions here are according to The Book of Common Prayer, ©1979.  Denominationally these may vary or not be celebrated at all. 

A.  Principal Feasts

These feast days will take precedence over any other feast including Sundays.  All Saints' Day may also be observed on the Sunday following November 1

The Confession of St. Peter

The Conversion of St. Paul St. Matthias
St. Joseph St. Mark St. Philip & St. James
St. Barnabas The Nativity of St. John the Baptist St. Peter & St. Paul
Independence Day St. Mary Magdalene St. James
St. Mary the Virgin St. Bartholomew St. Matthew
St. Michael and All Angels St. Luke St. James of Jerusalem
St. Simon & St. Jude St. Andrew Thanksgiving Day
St. Thomas St. Stephen St. John
Holy Innocents    

The Annunciation

The Visitation St. John the Baptist
Holy Cross Day    

Easter Day

Ascension Day

Pentecost (Whitsunday) A, B, C

Trinity Sunday All Saints' Day A, B, C Christmas Day
The Epiphany    

B.  Sundays

Sundays take precedence over any other feast day that may occur in the church other than those listed above and these feast of life events in Christ's life.

The Holy Name

The Presentation

The Transfiguration

Other exceptions are the feast of the Dedication of a Church and the feast of its patron saint or title, may be observed on, or be transferred to a Sunday, except in the seasons of Advent, Lent and Easter

C.  Holy Days

When days are regularly observed, they occur on set dates.  A and B above take precedence over these days.  Sundays also take precedence, however, these days will be observed at the first convenient open day following the date of observance in the church calendar.

Feasts appointed on fixed days of the year are not observed on the days of Holy Week or Easter Week.  These days will be transferred to the week following the Second Sunday of Easter, in order of their occurrence.  Feasts appointed on fixed days do not take precedence of Ash Wednesday.

Other Feasts of our Lord

Other Major Feasts